Media Consumption Is Hazardous

“…have a system that protects me from misinformation.” – Ryan Holiday

That made me think of Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One, as an example of an important truth which most people would not agree with you, in action. Most people go to great lengths to absorb only information which can’t change them – truth has nothing to do with it. They might well believe they are being open-minded, but they’re actually being quite closed off.

Interestingly, there’s no reference to any of the RealClear* blogs. I read them specifically because they arrange contrarian points of view side-by-side. This ensures that, even if you’re being exposed to misinformation, you’re being pulled in both directions. That makes renders (at least part of) the tactics of manipulation null and void, because they are laid bare. However, at this point, I rarely read outside of my tightly curated RSS and Twitter feeds and a few email lists…

There is the seed of a much larger idea here. This concept is clearly at the basis of the RealClear* business formulation.

Is there a larger context or possibility?