Finding the job of your life sounds like…

Finding the job of your life sounds like a pipe dream for many, and there are some mistakes which do put it out of reach.

Observations about how you can go about getting it:
1. Understand that the first job is your life. Core message of the “On-Purpose” person.
2. Once you have that foundation in place you can begin to build. Example with three tennis balls: who you are, what work you want to do, what the employer needs. Most people focus in on what the employer needs – “they conform to the job.”

“In essence the deny who they are, and they don’t bring that into the job, because they’re allowing the job to identify who they are.”

\3. Start with doing the work of knowing who you are, use that to determine the work that you want to do, and use that knowledge as a filter to determine which employers and jobs to seek. You will come in with strength, passion and drive.

I’ve look for it in interviews, on both sides of the table. We’ve all heard them: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, “Why do you want this job?”, and “What is your biggest weakness?” Most simply parrot those questions and miss the information contained in the answer. It’s that one in ten employee that actually hear the answer to those questions that I focus on promoting. The other nine get put through the “get to know yourself” drills…

Source: Kevin W. McCarthy – Being On-Purpose: How Do You Get The Job Of Your Life?