Scott Meyers has a new C++ book coming! /happydance

C++ programmers everywhere rejoice.

He’s looking for title recommendations.

Here’s what I suggested:
Effective C++ Now: n Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of Modern C++

1. Leverage your existing title recognition without confusion.
2. Gets rid of all of the reasons why someone wouldn’t want to pickup the book (11 vs. 14) while driving home the core point – this is NEW.
3. Gives you license to include (or not) STL related material.
4. The use of the word Now drives home a sense of urgency – your work is immediately applicable, even if you only read a single recommendation.

That said, your existing books are still pretty damn timeless. They are truly unlike most “technical” books which age out nearly as quickly as the ink dries.

Upon further reflection, and a close reading of the requirements, I’d go with this:
Effective C++ Now: n More Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of Modern C++