Hiring tactic using Homeworld to bait the hook…

Hiring tactic using Homeworld to bait the hook: Homeworld – A Brief History Of Code

From the title forward, the author drives away anyone who isn’t a coder. It doesn’t take long, but he’s nice enough to leave some completely unrelated pictures in the post for those that got here purely because they love Homeworld.

Not Lenny Cravitz in a big scarf

Way down in the middle, he lays down the bait:
“For anyone familiar with code, here are a few simple examples of things that would compile before but that would not compile now:


Check that wonderfulness out, exceeded only by this response: I enjoyed the game of Spot The Bug (TM) in the source examples…. To top it off, the responder went through and provided detailed and, to my knowledge, accurate answers for each part.

Let’s review:

First, the opening statement is a thank you and an expression of interest. (Dale Carnegie would be proud.)
Second, demonstrated creativity and humor. (Smile wins every time.)
Three, the technical answers were provided in such a way that a non-C++ guru could understand them.
Four, the closing line was a very reasonable follow up question.

The only thing, and this is way into the nitnoid category, is the response could have included the author’s name someplace, maybe in the closing question.

Otherwise a picture perfect example of how to be hired on the spot.

Mr. Deupree and S1n, well played… well played…