Burying the Lede

A new Jeff Vogel blog post is always something to consider. The latest digs into Pillars of Eternity as a foil for pointing out how useless facts, and exposition without context, essentially break a player’s flow by confusing and boring the player. 

Interesting and detailed read on that point. 

It’s also a case study in burying the lede. 

The real test of how good a game it is, is not how it sells, but how much its sequel sells


Most games remain unfinished. But that still invites this question: If the vast majority of players didn’t want to experience the Pillars of Eternity they already paid for, why think that they will want to buy more?

Everyone should keep improving, if just for their survival in this mercilessly competitive business.

Those two points, had they come first, might well have gotten the point across without losing at least some readers by going into grinding (and valuable if motivated) detail about the Pillars of Eternity character creation process.