Quick Review: Torchlight II

Enjoyed the first one, but didn’t finish it. Wanted to enjoy this one, but two overwhelmingly strong feelings prevented that. First, I swear they’ve made a game for eight year olds. It’s like trying to watch Clone Wars as an adult. You just… can’t… do… it. The opening animation was especially juvenile. However, the quest text and some of the characters were authentic, but the main characters felt as if they were eleven years old at most.

The other thing that really turned me off was the gameplay felt exactly like Diablo. Utterly, exactly, completely the same. I’ll take my high gothic fantasy setting with an adult story and themes thank you. They really should have introduced characters which played differently. Instead, you get a character which shoots guns instead of hand crossbows and both throw bouncing shooting stars. OK, one uses mana, the other hatred. NO DIFFERENT.

Maybe there’s something deeper in the game, but I’m not going to stick around to find out. One clue is that they have the concept of secret rooms (click a hidden wall panel and you can gain access to a restricted area.) Neat way to encourage paying attention to the environment, especially after you’ve seen the same tileset for hours. In my case, this secret room was right next to a power-up shrine guarded by an Elite mob with randomized special powers. Gah.

42 minutes played. Uninstalled w/o finishing. Never going back. Play Reaper of Souls, Titan Quest, or even Diablo 2 instead. At least it was on sale… Maybe my kids will like it, but there’s so many other better games…

Game Site: Torchlight II