Quick Review: Tomb Raider 2014

Wonderful on so many levels. Utterly contrived on so many others. You run across a hugely complicated puzzle really early on which would have taken weeks for a construction crew to make, yet you’re supposed to believe that the pile of debris arranged itself in just exactly that manner. Totally unbelievable, and completely incongruous with the rest of the high fidelity experience.

Slogging through the muck, getting muddy, washing off in rivers and streams. Young Lara was a masterpiece. So much of the graphics and the realism of this game are the best as can be done.

Story was interesting. Most of the world was interesting to explore if you disabled the off-switch to your suspension of disbelief. As for the sexual violence media narrative, all I have to say is: have you turned on a TV or walked into a movie theater in the last 20 years? It served the story, was not gratuitous, and provided a rationale for Lara’s impending mass murder spree. Hurrah for games (and books, movies, TV, music, and every other form of media) for adults.

24 hours played. Finished. Uninstalled. Not likely to play again. Totally worth it on sale. Full price, dubious. Nothing else comes close to this experience – STILL.

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