Quick Review: Wasteland 2

…drove me nuts. Such potential to be good, even great, but was just frustratingly unplayable. 25% crash rate every time you cross into a new area just doesn’t cut it. Especially not on top of an already 10-15% random crash rate as it was.

But what really drove me away was I just didn’t want those people in my lives any more. Try as I might, I simply wasn’t able to get done what I wanted, and that what did come to pass was totally not OK with me. Too many crazy nut jobs. Sure it’s Arizona after a nuclear war, what do you expect? Yeah still… Just don’t need those people in my life. That’s a compliment, I suppose. At acknowledgement, at the very least, that the world was that real.

That takes some doing…

16 hours played. Uninstalled without finishing. (Not even close.) Never going back. Waste of too much money. Play XCOM instead.

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