Teaching American Exceptionalism Through The Patriot’s History Series

Three books:
A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to the War on Terror
A Patriot’s History of the Modern World: From America’s Exceptional Ascent to the Atomic Bomb: 1898-1945
A Patriot’s History of the Modern World Vol. II: From the Cold War to the Age of Entitlement, 1945-2012

Author: Larry Schweikart

Schoolhouse Publishing.

www.patriotshistoryusa.com. Lots free material. Some lesson plans.

www.classicalhistorian.com. Full lesson plan for the Patriot’s History book.

www.rockinthewallstudios.com. Film documentary.

At one point, he was a rock musician. We shared everything. Had nothing and starved. First introduction to communism. A single history professor, in a single course put him on the road to history. one person changed his life.

Moved out of academic publishing into American History textbooks because he felt they were so bad in the 1990s. Thought originally that they were going to have to self-publish. Got picked up by Penguin Publishing. Adam Baldwin. Michael W. Smith. Kersey Smith. Clint Black. Tom Brady. (All pictured holding the book.)

Glenn Beck featured book in interview segment. Ended up pushing it up to top of NYT Bestseller book. Special 10th anniversary edition coming (In November). Used in 30 colleges and university as class textbooks.

“It’s important to know what someone thinks.” Rational for including source documents.

American Exceptionalism Definition

Niels Furgeson’s definition is overly broad. Other’s focus on freedom but that’s not uniquely American.

Many, on the left, argue that there’s nothing exceptional about American. Not one Brit thinks his nation should be the template for all other countries. Even England. That was the underlying foundation of the concept of the Colonial system.

What is American Exceptionalism?

It’s not culture. That’s a result of the exceptionalism.
It’s not our inventiveness and innovation. Largely the result of American Exceptionalism, not the cause

4 Pillars of American Exceptionalism

Missing everywhere in the world, with the possible weak exception of England. Let’s set aside the argument that America is the last best hope on Earth.

  1. Religious Freedom -> Protestant Christian.
    America is primarily a Protestant Christian nation. Except for Jamestown which was purely a business venture, most American colonies were intended to be religious colonies cloaked in the language of business. Many had specific references to Christ in their founding documents. Most referenced God in their founding documents. 5 states required officeholders to be Christians. Both at Jamestown and Plymouth, the pilgrims arrived with the concept of socialism. The first Thanksgiving marked the transition as a result of a transition to a more free-market model.

A Christian foundation is not sufficient because it could have been prevent into a Theocracy.

  1. Common Law
    God places the law in the heart of the people. The people elect leaders who will follow that law. Common law is a critical factor. The rest of the world is based on French Civil Law or Islamic Sharia law (excepting some of the Asian law based con tries.) [I’ve actually read the Code Napoleon.] It’s not just about writing things down.

Civil Law (Divine Right of Kings) comes from the top down. Common Law goes from the bottom up. The combination of Common Law & Christianity present a tremendous challenge to tyranny. Germany didn’t fall to the Nazi’s until after it had abandoned Common Law in favor of a Civil Law system.

Often a suppressed people, without a Common Law foundation, lack the belief in the their own ability to govern themselves.

America, Canada, and Austrilia were treated with benign neglect by the UK. This gave us practice to self-govern.

  1. Free Market
    Not present at the founding. Mercantalism was practiced. Making a profit was not the primary purpose. The American Revolution began with a resistant against this system (specifically taxes on food. Tea. Sugar. Etc.) We did just not jump from Mercantalism to Capitalism. (Contrary current Libitarialism view.) All founders embraced essential elements: contracts, private property, etc.

Go through the Contstituion and find every clause that links back to business or commerce.

There were early bits and pieces early on. “He who won’t work, won’t eat.” – Adam Smith @ Jamestown. Communal approach lead to starving.

  1. Private Property with Written Titles and Deeds
    Many countries have some version of a free market. In rough times, titles & deeds ensure

Book: Mystery of Capital – Hernando de Soto
Why isn’t the world getting richer faster because capitalism spread? People clearly have stuff and more of it. People in 3rd world have stuff. Cars. House. Etc. Difference between 3rd world and the US is they can’t prove it. The process to obtain a written title for land (desert land) took between 6-14 years, 114 regulator steps in Egypt. Compare this to the US property transfer process. Takes an hour to do this in the US when buying a house.

Thomas Jefferson instituted land rights in the US. Started in OH with Land Ordinance. Most State-dominated countries would have forced people onto approved lands. We didn’t want land barons in America to keep it out of the hands of others. We have a priority to those who would develop land over those who would hold it pristine.

Checks & Balances are critical to ensure that Common Law & Private Properties actually are maintained. Otherwise titles just become people of papers.

There is a strong current of Western Dominance these books.

Three great architects;
1. Frank Lloyd Write – body
2. Antoni Gaudie – spirit
3. Gropious – mind

To understand America’s destiny and our future, we have to understand our foundations of success so they can shared with whoever wants them.

Have a film about Rocking the Wall – about the fall of the Berlin Wall. [Sounds like something interesting to listen to.]

email: Larry.Schweikart@gmail.com

[Substantial religious overtones through-out. Reasoned historical analysis though. Will want to preview.]

“All books are biases. You can not escape it. The mere fact that I choose this fact over that is a bias.” I would encourage you to look at the primary sources and look at them yourself. Everything in their books is as sources as possible.

“World History is important.” May not be as entertaining, but you kids need to know it.

This semester he taught a class on WWI with a Marxist. In the past that they’ve taught a course on JFK course.

“I think most universities these days are sick cows.” (Note he’s a college professor.)