Build An Amazing Homeschool Transcript

Dual Credit

CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

  • Earn college credit by taking qualified tests
    ** Corresponds to one-semester class
    ** 90 min long
    ** Take at any age
  • Advantages:
    ** Take fewer classes
    ** Spend less money
  • Disadvantage of Too Many College Credits:
    ** Child might be considered a transfer student because they’re no longer an incoming freshman. Disqualifies for many scholarships. Dependent on college. Could be as little as 12 credits.
  • You can CLEP-out of stuff after you get into college.

Well-Rounded vs. Angular

  • Angular means really good at one thing.
  • “We are looking for well-rounded students.” – Harvard

Take Harvard’s criteria and consider applying them to any other college. Asset to people around you. Community service. Well-rounded. Extracurricular activities. Awards. Achievements. Honors. Ultimately will look at test scores.

You have to be well-rounded in all of those areas.

Only about 1/3 of students ever graduate from college. Stated another way, only 16% of today’s teenagers will have a college degree.

Two main reasons why they don’t graduate: First, the workload. 4-5 hours of studying per class per day. They can’t make the transition to the higher workload. Second, the finances.

Kids are going into this with an entitlement attitude and failing.

Community Service

  • Create a spreadsheet: location, hours worked, supervisor, letters of recommendation (driving time can be counted.)
  • “Commitment-Passionate-Dedication”

Really recommend this. If your child does not volunteer, your child is going to pale in comparison. You want at least 70 hours logged in.

We need to teach our kids that there are great needs everywhere. We live in such a society which is so “me” oriented.

There are many scholarships tied to community service.

Show constancy. Otherwise it’ll just look like padding.

Community Service

  • Volunteer Vactions
    ** “Global Works”
  • Volunteer as a Family Programs
    ** “Clean up the world”
    ** UN Environment Program
    ** Homeless Shelter Directory
  • Volunteering throughout college can yield scholarships for students who continue on.

This sets your kid up for a lifetime of thinking. This changes their life. Their mentality. “It’s not all about me.” [Filling holes that can never filled…]

Community Service

  • Congressional Award
  1. Personal Development
  2. Physical Fitness
  3. Exploration
  4. Volunteer/Community Service

Only 2% of Boy Scouts ever become an Eagle scout. This is similar. Most students don’t know about it. You can start as early as age 14-23

Sign them up for this as soon as possible. You can’t oversee your own child. “It’s really cool y’all.” [She’s from Texas.]

Not an easy award for them to achieve. Matures them.

Important Test Score Info

  • Start preparing in 9th Grade
  • Keep Record of Improvement
  • Take until desired score

Most colleges zero in on the SAT school, because their rankings go up. Only way a college can compare one student to another is to use these score. This is especially

“College Prep Genius” is her program. Has a Seminar for “Chart your success.” – Setup a profile on this site. [Hear about this on Thursday as well.]

You can pick and choose which scores you submit, even submit mix & match scores from different test taking days.


  • 100% of ALL colleges take either one
  • Similar: Both used for entrance exam and scholarships
  • Different: SAT-logic based, ACT-content-based
  • Keep a test prep record

SAT is more subject to “learning” to take the test.

Curriculum Information by Grade

  • Record per grade per class:
    ** Books
    ** Hours
    ** Reports
    ** Etc.

Important Transcript Information

  • Type it
  • Two Pages (extra stuff in portfolio)
    ** Will be rejected if too long.
  • Complete in full
    ** Always put an N/A otherwise it will be rejected as incomplete.
  • Specify Course Title
    ** Use 16th Century Medieval History
  • Include Test Scores
  • Note if “State Course Equivalent”
  • Add Graduation Date
    ** You may not know this, so guesstimate this.
  • Sign and Notarize it.

Little-Known Secret

  • Talent Searches (Identifying Gifted 7th Graders)
    ** Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY)
    ** Duke Talent ID Program (TIP)
    ** Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development (CTD)
    ** University of Denver’s Rocky Mountain Talent Search
    ** Stanford’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)

Take the SAT in 7th grade. To qualify for the they need a particular score on other tests like Iowa. There are other programs for different age groups. Qualify at the end of 6th grade. [One student from MAC did this. Sounds like the boat has already sailed on this, but we’ll see. Annoyed that we didn’t know this sooner.]

This is really noticeable by college admissions people.

4-Year Summer Plan

  • Attend multiple campus programs
  • Goal-related jobs/internships
  • Enriching activities (valuable/exciting)
    ** Independent Studies
    ** Unaccredited Classes

  • Downtime is important

  • Set Limits

This is your child’s chance to gain an edge. Admissions councillors are not impressed by fancy camps. They’re impressed by things that look and sound like colleges. Alternative find an internship.

Make sure that you take a break. Kids need this downtime.

Common Application

Do this early so you can practice. Also look for any gaps.


  • Letters of Recommendations
  • 4 year summer plan
  • Transcript
  • Extra-curricular activités
  • Community Service Records

This is used as part of the child interview process when applying. This shows the admissions counselor that the child can handle the workload in college.

Great keepsake for them. [Yes.]

17 Ideas to Enhance Transcript/Portfolio

  1. Join local class
  2. Related association memberships
  3. Take computer-lessons
  4. Watch films (record this)
  5. Practice with software
  6. Residential workshops
  7. Summer programs
  8. Make informational video (DVD or Youtube)
  9. Get media coverage
  10. Take AP classes
  11. Get nominated for award/scholarships
  12. Honor societies
  13. Create blog
  14. Enter competitions
  15. Create prototypes
  16. Auditions
  17. Do fund-raiser

More is better than less. Most kids these days just lay around and play video games all summer.