The Family Who Doesn't Understand


“I’m doing this because it is important to me. I’m willing to give up other things to make it work.” – Chris Guillebeau

The black sheep is part of who I am. Many times, I have set myself outside of the common and expected path. It wasn’t always successful, and I have paid dearly for it, but was the necessary thing. I must be true to who I am. Denying my nature, my needs, just makes everyone miserable in the long run.

It’s the price to be paid that I never ever get over. Charon must have his due.

It’s not the labeling, nor ostracization. Those are just sticks and stones.

It’s the abuse. Defined, in this case, as pushing more and more onto the list of things to be given up as an attempt to actively prevent an action from being taken. From doing the necessary thing. From doing that which is my Truth.

The Phoenix doesn’t like that. Not one damn bit. The Phoenix has been known to swallow Charon whole on more than one occasion.


Image: SB