Passive vs Actively looking…

It’s a truism that excellent software developers are not actively looking for a job. It’s also true that excellent software developers are 10x the productivity of average ones. So you simply must hire them.

I don’t think that goes far enough:

1) I believe it to be true of any and all job roles at any sort of a company.
2) Top performers are ALWAYS passively looking.

It’s the long-game to get a passively looking developer on board and brutally hard to do.

Lou Franco wrote this:

1) Joel’s solution is an internship program.
2) Engage your community simply by being interesting.
3) Add an SDK
4) Functioning referral program – pay per REFERRAL not HIRE.

The gaming equivalent of #3 is mod tools. Valve is taking this further with DOTA2 by allowing people to make money off of what they build. Link to DOTA2 Steam Workshop.

This is *exactly* what to do. People can just start working for you without going through the whole paperwork and hiring drill. They can see how you work and you can see their work.

This is at least a billion times better than the BigCorp resume keyword matching approach.