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I haven’t read this in enough detail yet, but this feels A LOT like the Value organizational structure with one exception. There’s the concept of Leads (using a different word: “lead links”) around with there’s a least some formalization of structure. I haven’t teased out what the difference is between a Lead and a Manager is (with their definitions.)

Queue the Star Wars quote, but what about the bureaucracy? How will the governors maintain control?

The one thing I haven’t figure out is, aside from the project tasking & definition, etc. that “managers” or “leads” or (I imagine) “lead links” do, there’s the HR heavy lifting. It’s just a fact of life in a company larger than 5, let alone one as large as Zappos (1,500)…

Need to read more about this…

Zappos says goodbye to bosses

The one thing makes me really interested is that Zappos did a trial with about 10% of their employees (aka roughly the size of Value) and it went well so they’re rolling it out company-wide…