Stay Awhile and Listen How Two Blizzards Unleashed…

Stay Awhile and Listen: How Two Blizzards Unleashed Diablo and Forged a Video-Game Empire – Book I

“Allen was a student of how retail worked. In fact, we all spent a lot of time thinking about how retail worked. One thing that was really obvious was that having a line of games on a shelf was really valuable because it would create more of a brand identity. If you walked up to a shelf and saw 10 of one kind of a game and one of another, you’d say, “Wow, there must be something to this game series if there’s 10 of them. They’ve got a lot of shelf space.””
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So the idea was to do a series of games called WarCraft that were about various times in history: a fantasy game, a Vietnam game, a World War II game, earlier historical periods, futuristic games.
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TL;DR: the power of the colon.

For anyone wondering how Blizzard is going to crack the mobile nut, this is how it’s going to be done. They have a huge player base that they can directly leverage into mobile and then cross-promote to.

This is just so obvious and utterly necessary. Yet Hearthstone doesn’t already do this. They must not want to tip their hand yet or some (probably tech) piece is missing. Those are the only explanations that make any sense.

There already is a Hearthstone clone. It took 20 days from development start to release. The *only* possible defense against that level of overt hostility, especially on Android outside of the US, is to have incentives above and beyond what’s in the game itself. MMO-Champion Link Chinese News Article

Mobile is rife with this crap. Mostly because the games by themselves must be so much smaller in scope that a typical high-end PC game (i.e. WoW, D3, CoD, etc.). Furthermore, the development toolchain is really good, especially for a mostly 2D game like Hearthstone.

“I think it’s a sobering experience when you realize that you’re responsible for the salaries of people who have wives, husbands, and kids. So we took it pretty seriously that we were going to make this company a good place to work and to make sure people got their paychecks and that it was a stable environment, economically. That wasn’t always easy. We were scraping by a lot. We bounced paychecks. – Max Schaefer”
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Nothing but the brutal Truth.