Mastery – Robert Greene

“Do not think what is hard for you to master is humanly possible; and if it is humanly possible, consider it to be within your reach.” – Marcus Aurelius

“#1 – Value Learning Over Money: You must value learning above all else. This will lead you to all the right choices. Choose a place that has people and mentors who can inspire and teach you.” – Robert Greene

“#2 – Keep Expanding Your Horizons – No one is really join go to help you or give you direction. … You must struggle against any limitations and continually work to expand your horizons.” – Robert Greene

“#3 – Revert to a Feeling of Inferiority – When you enter a new environment … you must try to revert to a childlike feeling of inferiority.” – Robert Greene

“#4 – Trust the Process – …time is the magic ingredient. The only real impediment … is yourself and your emotions. …have faith in the process.” – Robert Greene

“#5 – Move Toward Resistance and Pain – You must become your own worst critic and see your work as if through the eyes of others.” – Robert Greene

“#6 – Apprentice Yourself in Failure – Mistakes and failures are precisely the means of your educations.” – Robert Greene

“#7 – Combine the How and the What – We must make ourselves study as deeply as possible the technology we use, the groups we work in, and the economics of our chosen field, its lifeblood.” – Robert Greene

“#8 – Advance Through Trail and Error – You want to learn as many skills as possible. …when you are ready to settle on something, ideas and opportunities will inevitably present themselves to you.” – Robert Greene

TBD – written application of  this.