Foolscap Video #1

The Authentic Swing – Foolscap 1 from Black Irish Books on Vimeo.

Earlier version here:

Everyone needs a system to kick themselves into gear. Steven’s is about as good as it comes. Here’s the idea in less than a single sentence:

“…limiting the physical space we permit ourselves to define our project … forces us to boil down our idea to its absolute basics. ” – Steven Pressfield

This is so critical in software development activities, I just can’t believe it. Every time you talk to potential users of your work, you’ll learn something knew about what you could do. The question is, should you? Without constraints, you’ll always say yes. Instead, require a physical representation of the project.

MS Word docs have no end.

Pages always have a top and a bottom.

Not to mention the act of writing and drawing brings out the animal instinct in me – that which is core to creation in ways, especially at the beginning.