Mark Khaisman Tapeworks





Ran across this art style here: Packing tape was a integral part of experience growing up. Moving constantly will do that for you. These are wonderful exemplars of the importance of “value.”  I just love the broad range of emotion possible. I knew it to be conceptual possible, but hadn’t seen it done.

Here’s what I wonder: is it possible to write a shader that emulates this look?

Loosing color and turning it black & white is standard stuff. What’s interesting here is coming up with some (random?) constraints on how large the a value region could be. I’ve been looking  at this vis-a-vis the Art Nouveau style as well which has a similar issue (albeit with the addition of gradient.)

The thing that’s really stick in my craw is the intra-region detail inside of each value region that is present in both styles. In the Tapeworks style, there are specific straight lines which add texture to each region of a given value. For example, look at the left side of the red cheek in the 2nd image. There are four specific horizontal lines, the width of his tape, which give that region texture and interesting complexity. That’s essential to this look and part of what I find so compelling about it. In the Art Nouveau style, similar effects are achieved, instead with overt region demarkations via lines and subtle gradients. As with the tape, this is also a side effect (?) of the medium, due to how the Art Nouveau lithographs were printed.

Need to come back to this @ some point and give this a go as an intellectual and training exercise.