Find Your Dream Job – Pitch Notes

The following are some quick notes on pitch for Find Your Dream job by Ramit. My comments in []. Straight quotes in “”. Everything else paraphrased.

Initially, people submit their resume shotgun style to many jobs. Three forks in the road after that approaches fails:

  1. I need to try harder. Send more resumes a week.
  2. They do nothing. It’s someone else’s problem.
  3. They do something completely different.

One technique you could use is the “window shopping” framework. There are ways you can gently test a job before you commit to it. None of us want to walk into a job that we hate 6 months later. One of the ways you can do that is by tapping your network (i.e. friends, family, former coworker, etc.) Start with the end in mind. [Consider going through RPI’s alumni site to see if there are any at Blizzard.]

“Just be yourself” produces 5 horrible types of interviewees:

  1. The Improvisor – I’ll just wing it. Don’t want to sound rehearsed.
  2. The Masochist – They’re self deprecating. (Oftentimes women.) They’re negative about their past jobs.
  3. The Rambler – Doesn’t stop talking.
  4. The Neurotic – can’t control themselves. if you got stuck in their airport would you want to hang out with that person.
  5. The Robot – Zero personality. Is he human?

[I was laughing the whole time. Having hired so many people, I’ve seen all of these archetypes a dozen times.]

80% of the work is done before you set foot in the room.

Basic framework answer for the “Why do you want to work here?” question

  1. I want to work on the biggest possible stage.
  2. I want to challenge myself technically.
  3. I love your stories. I love games. This is my passion.

High low technique. High – I’ve challenged myself. Low – I’ve worked hard to improve myself.

Other questions to have answer for because you KNOW they will be coming: “What is your greatest weakness?” and “How have you dealt with an ethical problem?”

Don’t just answer questions directly. Hit your key points.

The briefcase technique: Come prepared with something. Fears, hopes, dreams, what sort of questions are you going to get.

“Most people don’t know what greatness looks like.”

[So very true…]