Where do These People Get Their (Unoriginal) Ideas?

Where do These People Get Their (Unoriginal) Ideas?

“Get out of the house… Working at home sucks.” – Stephen James

Nope. Couldn’t disagree more.

“Don’t build out your space with walls or partitions — leave it open…” – Stephen James

I still shudder at the remembrance of walking through Facebook the first time. The room was just silly huge. Far enough that I couldn’t recognize the sex of people on the opposite side. The near opposite side of the rectangle. The far walls practically faded out of view. Tables lined up in diagonal rows – workstations facing each other, offset. Tables specifically manufactured to be smaller than normal. Too small for much past a monitor, a cup of coffee and a mouse.

I expect to be handed a torque wrench and to be told to take my place on the line at any moment.

Made… me… ill…

Joel agrees.