Strategy Letter III: Let Me Go Back!

Strategy Letter III: Let Me Go Back!

“The only strategy in getting people to switch to your product is to eliminate barriers.” – Joel Spolsky

…even if those barriers exist only in the customer’s mind or comprehension. Man is this hard.

“To take over a market, you have to address every barrier to entry.” – Joel Spolsky

The lesson here is free initial download with IAP is the way to go. It took us way to long to get to that point, but it’s just flat-out required. I do hope the IAP sales heavy tactics of our app aren’t too much, and frankly I don’t know what else to do. On pins and needles awaiting user feedback.

The trick here is to find the barriers to entry that you don’t see. That you can’t see. Spend more time than is sane hunting down customers (even if they aren’t your customer now) and talking with them. NOT SELLING. Listening to what’s important.