Spring in Cambridge

Spring in Cambridge

“There were two things I thought that arsDigita did wrong. First of all, they didn’t understand that consulting doesn’t scale so well… The other thing I didn’t like about arsDigita was an almost religious aversion to Microsoft.” – Joel Spolsky

arsDigita is a company which I found quite inspirational back in the day. Not much to say about the first point, because that’s just a business mismatch issue. Have the workforce which your business can support. If that’s three people – great. Just don’t screw that up.

The second one is a reoccurring theme. Fun fact for you, in 2011, there was a Windows 2k box, well outside of EoL operating inside VISA’s data center. Why? Because they couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it. The fact that it’s an MS product is irrelevant – what matters is do people know anything about it.

PlaySpan tried to make a shift to a Ruby-based order flow from the existing PayByCash PHP one.

Disaster all round.

Not because of Ruby. But because there was one, and only one, Ruby programmer on the team.

Why did they try to do the switch to Ruby, because the political powers that be didn’t know PHP. Therefore PHP was bad, not to be used, and to be eliminated.

This lead to the violation of Things You Never Do: #1 – aka rewrite existing code just because.