Facebook Privacy Intent

From Daring Fireball:

Speaking of Facebook
Nik Cubrilovic:

Facebook are front-and-center in the new privacy debate just as Microsoft were with security issues a decade ago.

Will there be a cottage industry of privacy-protection software for Facebook users? That seems hard to believe.

This pithy statement blows the analogy between Facebook and Microsoft completely. DOS/Windows viruses exist because Microsoft wrote software which didn’t anticipate their existence and, like all software, their software had bugs. This rich vein is mined by malware developers, but the situation surely is improving. Remember that at the start, there was no Windows Update because there was no Internet…

Like Microsoft, the designers of web server, HTTP, JavaScript, etc. has no inkling that a Facebook would come along. Two things are true: Software has bugs. Software is always used differently than expected. Facebook is intentionally subverting these systems for their own ends.

Sound like anyone else?


I’m quickly coming tot he unshakable conclusion that Objective C is a huge barrier to developers leaving the Apple Ecosystem. It’s a lot more than just learning a pile of SDK calls. Every “platform” has those. This one demands a completely different programming language and interaction paradigm which forces you to reorient your brain. Layer in the constant and consistent pounding on quality and aspirations of perfection & magic – why would anyone want to leave…