Adventure World by Zynga – First Impressions

Few quick impressions:

1) They ask you to tell your friends that you’re playing Adventure World within 60 seconds of you starting. You’ve barely had enough time to listen to a few measures of music and look at the screen.

2) They have you rescue one of your friends as your first mission. Really good.

3) Music is really important. I knew that. But now I KNOW that.

4) Fun. Game interaction feels engaging. Much more so than other Zynga games.

5) The dual currency thing feels really contrived in this setting. It would have made a lot more sense to just have a single currency (gold) and charge FB credits for energy and access to missions. Eliminate the second currency because all  that allows you to do is charge for items. Then again, I think the social game business model is fundamentally wrong. Instead of getting lots of money from very few players, they should get a little bit of money from many.

6) Long initial play time.

7) UI is rough. Can’t zoom. Flips in and out of full-screen. Makes assumptions that you’ve played other Zynga games so doesn’t explain UEX or game concepts at all. (see #5). Example: an early quest has you flip the game into full screen mode. It presents the icon you’re supposed to click, but that icon is buried under the settings menu which has a completely different icon to activate


“Played around a little in Zynga’s latest game, “Adventure World.” It only served to highlight how apparently different I am from most people in that, in gaming as in real life, I *hate* to ask for help of any kind, from anybody. So I’m completely alienated as soon as a game indicates that’s the path toward success. Delete. :-/”

From a friend on Facebook.  I agree… They really do press the “huckster for us” angle constantly. It’s annoying and unnecessary.