iOS Audio & OpenAL / Beginning iPhone Games Development (CocoaHeads Silicon Valley August 2011)

Didn’t know about the policy part of the iOS audio SDK. Gave me a few things to think about:

  1. Should the mute switch actually mute? [I just don’t know why you’d ever want to change this behavior. It’s a physical switch on the device. Seems annoying to make it not work.]
  2. Should the app play music in the background? [In my case, yes.]
  3. Should the app stop playing music when interrupted? I assume this means notifications in addition to a phone call (example provided.) [In my case, no.]
  4. What if other sound is already being played? [In my case, play my sounds instead.]
  5. What if the lockscreen comes up? [I would like to keep playing but don’t know if it’s possible.]
  6. I wonder what happens to the remote display/audio on a TV or something as well via HDMI. [In my case I would like the HDMI to keep going, but to keep the iOS device audio off.]

More thoughts later as I stew on this a bit. Lots of technical detail which I’ll better be able to absorb when I’m actually ready to do so. No sense in trying to figure out OpenAL function calls atm…