Game Developer’s Radio: Exploring Design #01

Title: Game Developer’s Radio: Exploring Design #01 (

What: Discusson with experied game designer


The bulk of this podcast was old hat for me, but it’s an interesting survey of game design concepts with a focus on A Theory of Fun, Edward Castronova’s economic concepts, and Gameification. Overall interesting discussion/survey.

Of interest at 38:33 were some critics of social games:

1) Most games are completey opt-in. Therefore as a result, there’s no significant barrier to departure. He sited and example where actual personal interactions with people inside of one of the game actually provided that, but most games don’t have it.

2) It’s actually hard to make new friends using existing existing social game mechanics. (Have to be “friends” first to play together, not other way around.)

3) Social games are focused on gaining more customers. “It’s social for business sake.”