Using OpenFeint to Enhance Your Mobile Game

Title: Indie Game Development Podcast – Using OpenFeint to Enhance Your Mobile Game

What: Interview with OpenFeint marketing guy.

Notes & Commentary:

Interesting model with their goal of driving customers to download games with free-app-of-the-day and Fire Sale modes. The primary goal is to drive games up the charts and through viralility increase overall revenue. [Not exactly clear how. Wish there had been a follow up question on that.]

Argued pretty strongly that people are looking for real-time multiplayer as the console game players migrate to mobile devices. [I agree, but there’s serious latency issues to deal with here.]


I didn’t know about their custom store front stuff: That’s something that’s really interesting to me. Added evaluating that to my list of things to do…

I seriously doubt that there’s significant cross-platform migration between Android and iOS. Sure would be a really interesting number to know though and not just for games, but that’s the sort of thing that would get picked up by the blogosphere and MSM as a “hot news” story.