Looks like the Apple App Store has crossed the international threshold with more international customers than US ones according to App Annie’s presentation at Casual Connect. There’s also some more raw data here: link.

Reading this sort of thing makes me wonder:

  1. Wouldn’t the international numbers be even higher with more ways to fund your wallet?  It was our experience at PayByCash (now part of VISA) that you would see significant lift in specific countries as you added key payment methods. One thing I don’t understand about Apple is if the in-store prepaid card segment is actually considered a profit center for them, and therefore retards addition of other payment options. They’re not cheap to put into stores (way more expensive than a credit card transaction), but still they’re substantially less than 30%.
  2. How do I as a developer prioritize localization of my app into various languages to take advantage of this?
  3. Where can I get help as a developer doing the necessary support in order to get this additional revenue?

This sort of data is a brass ring to me – making me reach for it going by way too fast. I just don’t understand how a small development team turns it into actionable activities. Going to figure it out though. I need to for an app that I’m working on. (And lucky for me, I have an easy way to prioritize countries based on potential interest in the app’s content.)

Going to look more into App Annie as well. Seems like an interesting competitor to Flurry.